“More Fun at Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort”

When you find yourself making your life relaxing during summer in a cheap, nice and cosy resort, it is most likely perfect in Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort in Bohol. That’s what happened, when my friends and I planned to have an outing in order to minimise the stress we feel during our school days.




So, we decided and planned to have 2 days and one night where we can stay and feel the presence of summer with the cheap, nice and comfortable amenities. Then, my other friend recommended the Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort. After booking, the resort offers free transportation where they will get you in order to have an easy access when you want to get there. When we get there, the staffs were very friendly, smiling, approachable and always willing to help.


Additional information; Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort is located within a convenient 7-minute walk to the famous White Beach and 5km to Alona Beach.


Where if you want to experience the beautiful white sand beach in Panglao, Bohol with easy access to go there, the resort offers 3-wheels-motorcycle that have capacity of 12 passengers. After experiencing the beautiful creation of nature, resort is ready for getting you to go back to their resort. The resort also offers cold swimming pool for adult and for children.



After savoring the heat of the sun in the beach and in their swimming pool, your room has a complete and relaxing amenities where there are free soaps, toothbrush with toothpaste and towel for you to feel fresh again..At night, they have videoke bar if customers want to jam and feel chill in the summer night luminous with starlight, moon full and bright. In the beautiful and peaceful morning, the resort gives you free breakfast from 7:30-9:00 in the morning with two styles of which you can choose either Filipino and American breakfast

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