“Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort Good Accomodation”

Had a great time at Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort. Me and my friends went there and checked-in for 2 days and 1 night. The staffs were sweet, friendly and accommodating when it comes to finding room space for all of us. We stayed in the Native Room for 1 night and we were very satisfied. The rooms are very cozy, clean and tidy, with fresh sheets and towels daily.




The facilities of the hotel were great and we had a nice rest. The environment around the resort was awesome and the food were also tasty. The swimming pool has a great view with a cottage in the middle of it that makes it attractive and impressive.




The swimming pool is clear and we spent hours in the evening swimming and enjoying the pool with my friends. The resort also includes a delicious breakfast from 7:30 am until 9:00 o’clock in the morning. My friends and I were very satisfied with the free breakfast offered that has two menus to choose on whether, Filipino style or American style. As my friend choses Filipino style, I can see that she’s really enjoying the tasty corned beef, sunny side up egg with rice and juice to quench the thirst. As I did chose American style, I was amazed how my plate looks full with a delicious toasted bread with mouthwatering butter and strawberry jam stuffing, sunny side up egg, plain ham and hotdog. They also have billiard pool that suits on our interest in billiard and karaoke bar that makes our stay awesome.



There’s also a 7-minute walking distance beach called the White Sand Beach from Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort, you can walk through or ride their shuttle service to the White Sand Beach.


You can also ride shuttle service to Alona Beach so that there will be a hassle free transportation.
If you are looking for a relaxing, comfortable and good-natured atmosphere, take a look have a delightful stay at the Panglao Chocolate Hills Resort. I’ll make sure that I’ll be visiting once again with my family.

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